Admission Preparation step:Selection of university and department. Visit website of

each university make inquires at Korean embassy in home country

(Refer toA�


Meet requirements and prepare documents for entrance application

Send entrance application and related documents

Receive entry confirmation


Immigration Preparation:

  • Prepare necessary visa documents
  • (Make inquires at Korean embassy in home country, visit
  • Apply for visa
  • Acquire visa


(2) Required documents:

* application form

* self-introduction and study plan

* letter of recommendation

* academic record at previous institution and proof of graduation

* photocopy of passport or proof of nationality

* proof of Korean and English ability

* portfolio, video clips, etc. (for arts and physical education applicants only)

* documents proving financial stability

a�� proof of the studenta��s or financial guarantora��s bank balance (maintained for at least one month), domestic remittance,

or currency certificate of the amount equivalent to or larger than the average annual expenses for tuition and living

a�� certificate of property tax payment

a�� pledge to bear study expenses, etc



(3) Application Period

For spring semester, applications are accepted during the previous September-November period. For the fall semester, applications are accepted during the May-June period. Many university applications can be found and completed on the Internet. There are two types of undergraduate admission (1) regular entrance requires the completion of a high school education, and (2) transfer between universities requires a certain amount of credits from the transferring school or completion of undergraduate study.

(4) Application Methods

Although most universities use documents and scores to determine a studenta��s level of competence, some universities prefer to conduct interviews or require that student applicants take specially prepared tests.